Start creative self-care with Unwindle
Start creative self-care with Unwindle
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Unwindle Premium | Annual

Unwindle Premium | Annual

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Benefits of Unwindle Premium:

✓ Join monthly LIVE sessions and (re)watch recordings
 70+ video tutorials and guided creative meditations with relaxing music
✓ New videos are being added every month
✓ Watercolor Beginners Course to learn all the basics of watercolor painting
✓ Creative Progress Tracking where you can upload photos of your creations
✓ Relaxation Level Check-in
✓ Community with like-minded people to share your creative self-care journey and ask questions

After you've purchased this plan, you will receive an email with your Unwindle account details. 

You can already download the app in the App Store or Google Play Store and create an account. If you're using the same email address, you will automatically get access to the premium features when you login in the app. 

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