Start creative self-care with Unwindle
Start creative self-care with Unwindle
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Unwind with Watercolor Workshop in Rotterdam
Unwind with Watercolor Workshop in Rotterdam
Unwind with Watercolor Workshop in Rotterdam
Unwind with Watercolor Workshop in Rotterdam

Unwind with Watercolor Workshop in Rotterdam

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Would you like to learn a new skill, relax and stimulate your creativity? Or have you maybe already tried to work with watercolor but struggling with how to create the effects and end results that you are seeing around you?

In 2.5 hours you’ll be guided through all the basics of watercolor painting and taught the most important and effective steps to help you kickstart your creative journey in the Unwind with Watercolor workshop!

You can also choose to take home a watercolor starter kit with all the high-quality supplies to have a good start with watercolor painting.

There are only limited seats available for every workshop, so book your seat fast!

The next date for the Unwind with Watercolor workshop is:

The Progress Bar, Bierstraat 123C, Rotterdam (in the city center on walking distance from Beurs/Blaak)

This workshop is for you if:
- you would like to learn a new creative skill
- you would like to learn (more about) watercolor painting
- you find it important to relax and clear your mind
- you would like to (re)discover your creativity
- you think you're not creative: you are! Don't worry, you'll be guided step-by-step!

What can you expect?

  • Learn the basic techniques, use of supplies and colors for watercolor;
  • Practice strokes, shapes, and techniques and apply these techniques to paint for example leaves and flowers;
  • A watercolor beginners guide with instructions and tips (worth €12.50);
  • Materials will be provided or you can include a watercolor starter kit with qualitative materials that you can take home for €40;
  • Learn how to paint leaves and a flower for the end piece;
  • At the end of the workshop, you’ll have a self-made painting to take home and frame;
  • Drinks and refreshments;
  • Small group, so plenty of time to ask questions, receive feedback on your work and get to know all the basics;
  • The workshop will be held in English unless everybody understands Dutch. Questions can always be asked in Dutch;
  • 2.5 hours of fun, a creative boost, and relaxation!

Who teaches the workshop?

Suzanne Thee (@creativithee) is a Dutch watercolor artist who found her passion a couple of years ago in watercolor painting. It has helped her to relax, let go of her perfectionism and to find a balance between private and work. It gives a lot of joy, peace, satisfaction and especially a clear mind, which many people have quite some trouble with. After having immersed herself in all the ins and outs of this medium, she likes to share her knowledge with others. How beautiful is it to learn a new skill that can help you truly relax and at the same time develop your creativity?! With watercolor painting, you create something tangible which will give you a satisfactory and proud feeling. In the past year, she has taught many people watercolor painting, from IT developers to space engineers, lawyers, and bankers. Men and women who thought they couldn't draw/paint, but watercolor painting is something EVERYBODY can do. It may seem difficult, but everyone can learn it!

What do participants say about the Unwind with Watercolor workshop?

  • "The workshop is a real crash course: You learn the basic techniques that allows you to experiment at home with what you have learned. I find it surprising what you can paint already with only little experience!" - Lindsey H.

  • "I have learned more from this crash course than from an 8-week watercolor course that has cost me more money AND time" - Disi Y.

  • "The workshop allowed in a short time to learn the essentials / basics, as well as to express your own creativity (i.e. everyone had the same task, but created different results)" - Lars H.

  • "I remember the feeling that watercoloring brought to me, presence and stillness, while discovering more creativity within, and feeling of accomplishment once my first painting was done." - Zora

What is included in the watercolor kit?

A Viviva Colors watercolor pan set with 16 beautiful colors, a Princeton round brush size 6 and a block of Winsor & Newton watercolor paper and some extra goodies!

How can you pay?

You can pay for the workshop with iDeal, PayPal, Creditcard, Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Do you have any questions?

Check the FAQ or contact us at